Section 1: The name of the club is Glacier Street Rod Association Inc. of Kalispell.
Section 2: The emblem of the club is a red Model A Sedan Delivery with a bear in the driver’s

seat. The lettering is blue and scenery is white.
Section 3: The color of the club jacket is black.





Section 1: To promote interest in various forms of street rodding activity.
Section 2: To create good fellowship and sportsmanship among all members of the club.
Section 3: To conduct club functions and activities in a manner befitting members of the street

rodding sport, and to encourage a better understanding of street rodding as a

constructive sport among members of the public, press, and law enforcement agencies.
Section 4: To promote safety in driving, automobile maintenance, and overall vehicle operation.





Section 1: Any person wishing to join the club must submit a completed membership application

form. The format of the membership application form shall be approved by the Board of

Directors. The applicant shall be interviewed by a current club member and

introduced to the club at a regular monthly meeting. At this meeting the applicant will tell the GSRA

members about themselves and their vehicle(s), and their desire to be a GSRA club member. The applicant

is encouraged to attend most of this meeting. The applicant will be asked to leave the meeting before our

last order of business, which will be the discussion and secret ballot vote of the applicant.

Upon at least a two thirds majority of members present and voting, in favor, the

person shall be admitted to membership of the club.

Section 2: To represent the club at an event, the vehicle must have a minimum of four (4) wheels

and be at least 40 years old, or an identifiable replica thereof.

Section 3: All members must maintain their cars to be safe to drive on public roadways.

Section 4: Voting privileges are extended to a current paid member and their club registered mate.





Section 1: Dues for members of the club are $25.00 per year payable to the treasurer by February

Section 2: Any member whose dues are not paid by February 15th will automatically have

membership suspended; reinstatement for enjoyment of membership can be obtained

only by reapplying for membership.
Section 3: Dues will be waived for members who enter the military services of the United States

until they return to civilian status.





Section 1: The elected officers of the club are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,

Correspondent, and Newsletter Editor.
Section 2: The Board of Directors will consist of the elected officers plus an elected board

member(s), who does not hold an office.
Section 3: A majority of the Board of Directors constitutes a quorum at any meeting of the Board.





Section 1: All nominations for any office must be active members in good standing.
Section 2: All elected and/or appointed officers and Board of Directors members must remain

active and in good standing for the duration of office.
Section 3: All officers and directors are elected at the last meeting prior to the beginning of the

new term, with the requirement of holding office for twelve (12) months or until their

successors are duly elected and qualified.
Section 4: Nominations or volunteers must be made from the floor during a regular meeting, all

voting will be by secret ballot.
Section 5: Nomination and election of the member(s) of the Board of Directors will occur after the

election of the officers has been completed.
Section 6: Elected officers and Board of Directors member(s) will be decided by a majority vote of

all present voting members in good standing.





Section 1: President will preside over all meetings of the club; serve as chairman of the Board of

Directors; act as ex-officio member of all committees; issue the roll call for regular and

special Board of Directors meetings; schedule regular elections and be sure they are

held in accordance with this constitution and by laws; and carry out the directives of the

Board of Directors. In the event the Treasurer is unavailable, the President is able to act

as Treasurer when so ordered by the Board of Directors.

Section 2: Vice-president will perform all duties of the President in his/her absence.
Section 3: Secretary will record and maintain the minutes of the meetings of the club; and

supervise all records of the club.
Section 4: Treasurer will collect the dues and all other income due the club; maintain the club

accounting books and membership records; make payments from club funds when so

ordered by the Board of Directors; countersign all club checks and make regular reports

of the clubs financial status to the Board of Directors and every club meeting.
Section 5: Correspondent will be responsible for receiving and answering all mail, give notice of

all regular and special meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors, based on

Directive from the President.

Section 6: Board of Directors constitutes the Executive Board of the club whose responsibilities

include; the execution, through its officers, of the authorized policies, by majority vote,

and submits to the club during regular meetings any recommendations affecting the

policies of the club which have been previously approved.
Section 7: Newsletter Editor is responsible for the preparation and distribution of the club’s

periodic newsletter.






Section 1: Regular membership meetings will be held at a time and place set forth at the previous


Section 2: Private meetings of the Board of Directors will be held when necessary, at a time and

place set forth by the Board of Directors.

Section 3: Special membership meetings and special Board of Directors meetings can be called by

the President.

Section 4: The order of business for all meetings of the club and the Board of Directors will follow

“Robert’s Rules of Order” and are as follows:

a) call to Order.

b) Written Roll Call.

c) Introduction of Visitors.

d) Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.

e) Reading of correspondence.

f) Announcements.

g) Secretary report.

h) Treasurer report.

i) Committee reports.

j) Unfinished business.

k) New business.

l) Discussion and voting for new member applicant.






Section 1: Every member’s vehicle should be safe to be driven on public roadways and given an

NSRA inspection when possible.






Section 1: Delegations will be appointed by the President, but are subject to the approval of the

Board of Directors, to represent the Club at any convention, meeting, or assembly that

may be deemed necessary. Any/all delegations are authorized to exercise only those

powers specifically vested in them by the Board of Directors.






Section 1: The Club Constitution and By-Laws can be amended at any regular meeting or special

meeting of the membership, provided:

a) The Board of Directors has previously approved the merits of the proposed

amendment, and;

b) Written notice must be furnished to each member not less than 10 days before the

proposed amendment is voted upon, and;

c) At least a 2/3 majority of those present at the regular or special meeting vote in favor of the proposed amendment.

Section 2: In the event a member is unable to attend the meeting, a vote can be cast by sending a letter to the president at the club’s mailing address. Any letters sent must be received by the club prior to the scheduled vote.

Section 3: Approved and accepted amendments take effect immediately, unless designated otherwise.






Section 1: The newsletter shall consist of a maximum of three (3) sheets front and back for regular monthly news letters, four (4) sheets for special occasions. Newsletters exceeding four (4) pages must get approval from the Board of Directors.

Section 2: There shall be no profanity in the news letter.

Section 3: Each regular monthly newsletter should contain the following:

a) A cover page with the bear logo and the officer’s names.

b) Minutes and attendance sheet from previous meeting.

c) Meet a member, limit ˝ page with pictures.

d) All up coming GSRA Inc and other events.

e) Club related feature stories.

f) Business card size paid advertising space will be available for sale to members and non-members. All members in good standing have the right to place their own non-commercial ad at no cost, 15 word limit. Ads that run in the newsletter will also be on the website at no additional charge.

g) Club related pictures or jokes, if space allows.